We currently have two major development projects that could use some help with.  Students at CHOICE are building a school library. We have many books already but are accepting donations to add to our growing collection.  We also are working on building a robotics program.  We are accepting donations of tools, equipment, electronics components such as motors, LED lights, switches, resistors, etc.  We also have items we will place on our school Amazon Wish List if you would like to make a monetary donation:

CHOICE Technical Academy Amazon Wish List

Or, if you would like to sponsor an individual student project directly, the following table lists ways you can help:

Project Title Project Description Project Needs
Flight School We need supplies for our school club, Flight School. Flight school is a hobby group that meets regularly to fly and study R/C air vehicles. These supplies include components to build and fly drone quadcopters, frame, motor, blades, rechargeable batteries and a battery charger. Click Here to Contribute
Cancer Fundraiser One on our projects that our group is doing it to raise money for the American Cancer Society (ACS) and from the money we earn 85% will be donated and the rest will be split between the rest of us to get better equipment so we can do more of the streams and after a while of doing the streams 100% of the money we get will be getting donated to the ACS. According to a ACS staff 74% of each dollar that is donated to them goes to programs that help people stay well and get better from cancer and the other 26% goes to services such as administration and fundraising expenses. Click Here To Donate
Woodworking Projects Many students at our school enjoy woodworking and construction projects. We have very limited resources for materials for these projects. Donations of building materials are always welcome. lumber, plywood, 2x4's, hardwood, hardware, etc.
Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon

Do you have an interest in helping develop young minds? Do you have a passion you would like to share with others? Do you possess a specialized skill or knowledge set you would like t

o pass on to others?  At CHOICE Technical Academy we like to pair students with mentors from the community who can help them grow and help them complete their projects.  If you have some time and are interested in volunteering as a mentor contact scarlson@technicalacademies.org.

Examples of ways to volunteer:

  • Lead a book club

  • Help students with construction projects

  • Host a student to job shadow

  • Teach a student how to sew/knit

  • Work with students on electronics/robotics projects



Technical Academies of Minnesota has created commemorative medallions for each of our schools.  Donors to each of our schools may receive a medallion for every $100 donation they make for more information contact our board treasurer Dan Swenson at danielcswenson@yahoo.com.